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Which Pre '16 Buicks were important in GM History? My opinion

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Here is my list of important cars from Buick in the early days which I feel made GM a viable concern.


The model C of 1905 continued as the Model F and G, popular today with the one and two cyl bunch.


The Model 10 was built starting in 1908 and continued, growing larger, adding electric start and left hand drive, until 1915.  Historian say the Model 10 was the only profitable GM car and was the cornerstone of the company.


The big six, series 55, began in 1914 and propelled Buick into the twenties with a modern engineering.


Also built but in smaller numbers the lovely and powerful Model 17 and the smallest car the Model 14 were less meaningful to GM, though popular today.  The Model 45 is a wonderful car, roomy and fast, just outside the HCCA date.


Really just an exercise to show some snap shots of early Buicks, but feel free to comment.  The first is a 1908 Model F, mostly original and very old restoration.  Then a pair of 1912 Model 25 series.  A 1914 Model 55, 5 passenger touring car.  Three model 31's with a model F and finally the penultimate, 1915 V-12.


Regards, Gary




DSC_1100 (2).JPG

DSC_1949 (2).jpg

DSC_1997 (2).JPG

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Thank you Gary.

I did love seeing the Marr owned V-12 at the Old car festival. Also our ride with you around the grounds in your 1913. Unfortunately my camera's SD card became corrupted and lost all my Old Car festival photos. But I did have a few photos of the V-12 saved.




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I do recognize some of those Buicks and their owners from the eastern side of the country.  Here are a few from the western side.

1913 Model 31

13 Buick at Pearson.jpg


1912 Model 34

12 Buick Roadster at the top of The Old Spiral Highway.jpg


1915 Model C25 Modified Speedster

Speedster Breakdown 2.jpg


1908 Model F

08 Model F on Lift.jpg


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Yes Marty as I was an owner wanabe....Great car for a fair price but out of my affordability.


This is the other one I tried for near me in but in NY. I believe it is now in NJ.


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