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What's a 67 LeSabre 400?


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Guest Teamsterdug


I don't know what to think of this guys description about rarity. There was a question put up on this forum recently concerning the LeSabre 400 Package. The 400 refers to a power option package. It was the 340c.i. engine equipped with a 4bbl carb combined with an upgrade to the super turbine (3 speed) automatic transmission. The 4bbl carb added 20hp for a total of 260hp. Here is the thread for the previous question I mentioned.. #137836 dated 12/3/02

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Guest my3buicks

I emailed him the last time it was on ebay for vin # and other info. I identified myself as a 67 BCA Tech advisor and offered to research his info for him. I never got a response. That answered alot of questions in my mind. Everything looks to me to be a regular LeSabre 400 to me. I also checked the 1967 Buick Information for Fleet & Leasing Purchasers manual and found no mention of a special package for Police vehicles. Doesn't mean there wasn't, But.........

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