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1936 Olds bumper guards


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  • 1937McBuick changed the title to 1936 Olds bumper guards

I am not a good salesman and want to be fair because that is the way I like to be treated.

I had these re-chromed years ago.  Stored inside my house.  I am restoring a 37 Buick. 

I thought I had the right bumperettes because they fit the bumper.   I didn't know what I was looking for.

And to add insult to injury the chroming shop,  ground the detail out of them!

I would like to think I am a little smarter and bolder today and would have never "settled" for what they did to them.

I see rough ones on the inter-web that need chroming go for a good dollar....  but these in this condition,  what are these worth?


It makes me sad.   But I would think someone could use them.   I found the correct ones for my car.


I hope to see afew replies to this specific post.  Everyone has an opinion,  and I'm open to hearing them.




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