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Welcome to Buick town Milwaukee 1957 - Great Watch

buick man

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Came across this 1957 film taken in Milwaukee.  Appears Milwaukee was a happening town for Buick owners.  The theme of this film however features the electric street cars that so many cities had until that is, GM engaged in a scorched earth policy to eliminate them and push municipalities to buy fleet GM buses.  Oh, I can almost smell the exhaust fumes right now can't you ? But I digress.  Can you count the total number of Buick's you spot including year, make and model in this film ? Turn the speed down to around 25% so the Buicks don't fly bye so fast.  Enjoy! 




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Hey, thanks for these videos, I hadn’t seen them before.   I’ve always been curious how many car fans are streetcar and rail fans and visa versa.  I grew up in the fifties, and most of these cars were on my block.  Also was lucky to ride the North Shoreline up to Milwaukee, and growing up in Cleveland, rode the Shaker Rapid many times.  


Cleveland had and still does have one of the best BCA chapters around.  Too bad they got twice screwed out of hosting the National.

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