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Two cars, but not identical, I think

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The hubcaps on the two cars are different. The car in the advert has a window in the roof; the car on the street doesn't.


Are they both 1974 Ford Torinos or is the car on the street something else and, if so, what?








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Hmmm...I think it's pretty hard to tell from these photos whether the OP's Monte Carlo is a 1970, 1971, or 1972. The biggest visible exterior differences were on the front and rear of the car (grille & emblem, hood ornament, position of the headlights, trunk emblem, tail lamp lenses, etc).


The "Halo" vinyl roof was different for early 1970 MC's, as the vinyl did not reach all the way to the windshield header, leaving a strip of painted steel roof visible across the roof immediately behind the windshield, from side to side. But this early Halo roof ended during the 1970 model year, so late 1970 units have the same halo as 71-72 MC's. 


I cannot see any of those clues in either of the above-featured Monte Carlo photos. The hubcaps don't look quite right in the OP's green car photo. But that may be due to either my poor eyes, or the less-than-perfect photo quality. 



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