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What happened to HCC writer Jim Donnelly?

Tom Boehm

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The other thread concerning Richard Lentinello reminded me of this question. What happened to Hemmings Classic Car writer Jim Donnelly? I really liked his writing. They mentioned in the magazine a few years back that he had some health problems and would be stepping back from his duties. I do not recall ever seeing a mention in the magazine if he will be coming back or if he recovered or if he passed on. Anyone know?

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Glad to hear that Jim Donelly is still writing.   Also glad to read Pat Foster and Jim Richardson are still writing for Hemming's Classic Cars.

The written and published word will out last all of us.  I still read early articles in my 6 volume collection of The Best of Old Cars and The Best of Old Cars Weekly.

Saving old magazines and newspapers is to space comsuming

for me, but the actual content minus the advertisements makes for great reading.

Keep writing and hope that someday you'll be republished in

some future "Best Of AACA Forums" or other places we read  today.

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