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nys bill to move antique inspections to bi annual

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Annual inspection of antique cars seems to me

a large burden for large collections.  Suppose 

someone has a collection of 20 antique cars.

Does he have to take each one out for inspection

every year, just in order to drive it to a show or parade?


Do some people have the inspectors come to 

their own collections, to look at every car all on the

same trip?



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It's a pain as you have to leave it at alot of facilities.   I really don't like leaving my cars anywhere.  Fortunately I know the guy,  so IU schedule a time and he's pretty good about me just rolling right in.  My stuff is all good before I go though so he knows there won't be any issues. 


I bet it's nothing to do with safety and everything to do with revenue. 

It's really a pain as if your inspection lapses, you can't renew the plates.  So a car you may be working on or just not using then is out of registration when you go to get it registered. Look at my Dodge I started on the brakes and a year later it was finally ready to go to the station, now if you transferred plates they could be expired with no way to re register until you get it inspected.  So now you have to drive an un registered and un inspected car  (two tickets) to the station just o make it legal,  all because you were doing things the right way and making the car safe. 

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For a state inspection of an antique, you would have

to have a knowledgeable inspector near you.

That could be difficult, because the average town

doesn't have restoration shops that would know,

for example, 1909 Stanley steamers, how to start

them and even drive them onto the lift;  how to fix

their carbide lighting;  or 1915 Hudsons and their

external contracting mechanical brakes.


"Sir, the windshield wipers are missing on your

1903 Oldsmobile.  Actually, your windshield is

missing too!"


The typical repair shops in every town couldn't

properly inspect and repair such cars, as they

might a 1969 Camaro.


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