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Temp. Gauge


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When you get to know your car you can tell by smell, feel or sound when it is running cold, normal or getting hot without any gauge at all if you pay attention.

 I have driven my Pontiac in the mountains and on the prairies, in summer at 118 degrees F, and in winter at -54 degrees.  In 59 years and 400,000+ miles it has never overheated.  It got hot (not boiling) in Death Valley and on some steep hills but all I did was slowdown or downshift.   When conditions permit I will drive at 50-55 mph all day with no trouble but will always slow down or downshift when required.  The car will tell you long before it starts to steam.  Always remember if you have pushed your car hard uphill go part way down before stopping.  Do not ever stop at the top.  Give the engine a chance to cool down a bit.


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I have the valve that fits inside the cowl and the tapered pipe that goes between the heater box and the valve.  All I have to do is make the metal box like one of these.



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