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1906 Stanley 10 HP - Back in the day

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My grandfather was a collector of many antiques before most people thought they were novel. He bought my 1902 Crest in 1939 because it intrigued him and it was cheap. ($50.00). He bought clocks, early motors and some antique boats. Im going through some of his files and pictures and these 2 cars  were in them. The electric car has no marks on the back but the Stanley is marked 1906 10 hp. Im sure these pictures were sent to him  from sellers . Both look to be in wonderful as  found bard fresh condition. My question is ..... Being that  the   Stanley  is so old   and not that many survived,  could  anyone  be able to  ID the car from this photo  and know who owns it today. I would give the picture to the current  owner. Im sure they would like to have it.  Mike West Livonia NY 

1906 stanely.jpeg

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