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                                        1933 BUICK MODEL 96 VICTORIA COUPE


          Prior to 1933, the Buick Motorcar Company enjoyed a production output that surpassed Chevrolet, Ford, Plymouth, Pontiac and the numerous other automobile makers of the era. In 1933, Buick attempted to also outsell the luxury car line and compete with Packard’s 136-inch wheelbase five-passenger coupe that sold for $2,440 and Cadillac’s comparable 134-inch wheelbase coupe. Buick produced this Model 96 five-passenger coupe with a longer wheelbase of 138-inches and a base price of only $1,785.  This was the largest Victoria Coupe ever produced by Buick and weighed 4,520 pounds. But, when the buyers who could afford this price range were enticed to the more prestigious V-12s and V-16s of Packard, Pierce Arrow, and Lincoln, Buick discontinued the huge model after one year.

          Powered by a 345 cubic-inch straight eight engine with overhead valves and a bore and stroke of 3-5/16” and 5”, the Buick cruises at Interstate speeds. The car, with 25,000 miles, is original and mechanically unrestored. It was cosmetically reconditioned in 1989. The Duco laquer paint is original color and specs, and the upholstery is of the original wool mohair material.

          Dual horns were standard equipment for this model. Steel–spoked artillery wheels replaced the wood-spokes of earlier years. Original accessories, available at an extra charge, included the flying goddess hood ornament, dual side-mounted spare tires, dual outside mirrors with the Buick script and the rear folding luggage carrier. The only after-market accessories on the car are the pair of Trippe-Senior driving lights, an approved and rare Classic Car accessory.

         Buick produced only 557 Model 96 Victoria Coupes in 1933. Of these, only three others are known to survive today in unaltered condition. The current owners, life-long antique auto enthusiasts, searched diligently for more than a decade to find this particular car. 

                                                      History of the 1933 Buick Model  96 Victoria Coupe

                                                 owned  by Lee and Cynthia Comer,  Birmingham, Alabama                           

 When Lee and Cynthia Comer, of Birmingham, Alabama, purchased the 1933 Buick Model 96 Victoria Coupe in 1998, from Irving Steele of Cashiers, North Carolina, they were informed of the following history of the car:   

       The original owner of the 1933 Buick Model 96 Victoria Coupe was Samuel T. Williamson of Newark, New Jersey, Co-founder and Editor of Newsweek Magazine.  Mr. Williamson drove a Ford each day and only drove the Buick on trips to the Country Club to play golf or to the restaurant, owning the car for about nine years.  After his death, the Buick was stored until his estate was auctioned by his surviving nieces and nephews.

        The Buick was purchased and placed in a museum where it remained for many years until the curator rotated the vehicles. It was then purchased in 1989 by an antique car restorer who painted the Buick with the original Maroon Dupont Duco lacquer paint and he also upholstered the interior with identical wool mohair cloth.

         Ownership of the Buick was passed to Dr. Claude L. Pressler, an oral surgeon of Canton, Ohio. During his ownership of about four years, Dr. Pressler replaced the 3-inch radiator core and the middle section of the exhaust manifold (three sections welded as one section). The radiator thermostat was replaced with a “racing restrictor” to reduce the water flow to the cooling system and he also added a ping-pong ball to the radiator bypass. There is a letter from “Doc” to Irving Steele describing the changes. He remembered that the car was restored professionally a couple of years before he bought it and didn’t recall that it was restored mechanically, only cosmetically.

       Irving Steele of Cashiers, North Carolina, purchased the car in 1995 and owned the car for less than three years. The car was placed in his fleet of antique automobiles with his professional mechanic maintaining them regularly. Mr. Steele drove the 600 mile Glidden Tour of 1997 and proclaimed the Vic a “ perfect driver” . The Buick was sold to Lee and Cynthia Comer of Birmingham, Alabama in 1998 , when Mr. Steele moved to be near his daughter in Switzerland, after his wife’s death. 

      Since Lee and Cynthia Comer have owned the car, the mechanical fuel has been replaced, and the electric fuel pump that Claude Pressler installed has been replaced.  Lee also added a connection to the firewall under the hood to connect battery charger conveniently. He also installed seat belts, front and rear, and added Senior Trippe lights. Paint is very good except for a scratch on right rear fender and on the inside of the side-mount covers, and a few small bubbles on the very bottom of left rear fender that have not changed since it was painted. Because the Buick was never driven in freezing weather and was stored in a heated garage, the absence of antifreeze was not a problem. Each year , or so, the radiator was refilled with distilled water and a solution to prevent rust and sludge . Lee drove the car occasionally to car meets - seats are very comfortable and spacious, and the car has a very soft ride. The car is very rare in that there are only a few survivors of this model, BOASTING LESS THAN 26,000 MILES. 

        Details of 1933 Buick Model 96  Victoria Coupe:

·         Color- Maroon-Dupont Duco Lacquer with pin-striping

·         Steel spoke wire wheels painted red

·         1933 Buick Flying Goddess hood ornament

·         Dual sidemounts with covers

·         Door mirrors (hinge mount) Buick

·         Two Senior Trippe lights

·         Dual horns

·         Dual tail lights

·         Parking lights on front fenders

·         Trunk rack with Buick Medallion

·         Mechanical Servo brakes

·         Original 344 cubic inch straight eight engine

·         Excellent wood

·         Excellent chrome

·         Correct silver/gray wool Mohair interior

·         Side and rear pull- down shades


Call 205 527-1663 for information.


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