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Unknown car for the Weekend

Ray Garcia

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Oh, Wait, A MOON! Yes, yes, I see the similarities. In fact, the fenders look more like those found on Moons than the ones on that Jackson photograph. Even the sharp body lines and the "Wow, I hope you didnt pay the designers much for that" generic radiator shell look pretty much the same for all three. My biggest bug-a-boo is that radiator emblem. Jacksons (and McLauglin Buicks, Larrabees, Paige, South-bend, and Everitts) all have that angular style- the actual name of that shape escapes me right now- while a Moon has a more oval type. The parking lights attached to the headlights helped too!

 Here's the "It" girl Clara Bow, straddling a Moon (the original "Moon-shot"?) from the early 1920's. for comparison.


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