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1952 Cadillac, not mine.

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That is a little more than a small dent in the grille.  Pretty much mangled that grille bar.  Fortunately it's only stainless so a donor is easy to find.   A little chrome cleaner on the front end would have made it look better.  Seems so many people that want top dollar fail to realize the value of detailing is what usually garners top dollar. 

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I love looking at the original paperwork and analyzing the "deal".  Looks like this buyer was open to paying whatever it took to get his car. 


Grandpa paid $271 for the options on his new Cad however he paid $593 for;  Car EOM (or EOH), D & H, and Transportation. 

What are these charges?

Transportation = Shipping from Michigan to AZ . . . 

D & H = Delivery and Handling(?) 

EOM (EOH) = I have seen 'Excise (tax) On Handling' on later contracts but this is $241(!) 

This seems like a lot of fake fees. 


The Blue Coral, the Underseal (in AZ?) and the lubrication contract are typical dealer profit items. 

$4400 and it is a series 62, not a Coupe De Ville . . . . 



52 Cad contract.jpg

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