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Comparing A 1913 Ford To A 1910 Detroit Built Car Is Enlightening


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My favorite transport load is early brass vehicles ¬†ūüėä


I started out last Thursday in

San Francisco picking up this

1913 Ford Model T Runabout

that had been in the same family

since new until 2008.


It traveled from New York to Arizona

to Oregon where it transferred to a second family that lived in San Francisco.


It is at least 80% original.



After picking up the Ford - I headed over to Citrus Heights to pick up a 1910 Detroit Chalmers 30 Model K

that recently sold on HCCA classifieds.


It too is at least 80% original.



Because if the severe winter weather gripping the entire country ...


 I have had to avoid the precipitation 

on the roadways by slowing down

my trip across I-40.


Amarillo, Texas received 10 inches

of snow between Tuesday & Thursday.


I drove thru Amarillo around 12 noon

on Thursday.


As I write this around 5 a.m. 


I am in Afton, Oklahoma .... ūü•∂






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Chalmers Motor Company has

an interesting history @ 




The 1910 Detroit 30 Model K

sold for $1500 ( $41,302 today )



A Chalmers Detroit Model 30

won The 1910 Glidden Tour.


In 1909 & 1910 a combined

(69) automobile competitions

were won by The Model 30:


@ https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.conceptcarz.com/w16167/chalmers-detroit-model-30.aspx


1910 marked the first year of

The Chalmers Award & this

model was the prize:


@ https://baseballhall.org/discover/inside-pitch/chalmers-award-is-born







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In 1910 - Chalmers Detroit was so far

ahead of Ford - the Model 30 was selling for $1500 but it was a big bang 

for the buck ¬†ūüĎć


You could get in this car and travel

across the rutted wagon roads that

made up the vast majority of motor

vehicle pathways in relative comfort.




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