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Westinghouse distributor and other

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I have a 1924 Gardner touring car with a Lycoming, 4 cylinder engine, nbr CE7525. I am looking for a Westinghouse distributor body, type JN series. 

I am in need of the steering spark controls and rod.  Similar steering wheel, controls, and column were used on Hupmobiles, Reos, 

Any help would be appreciated- thanks 


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Hi I have a model jn westinghouse distributor body from a 1923-1925 Hupmobile that I would like $100. for but the bad news is try to find a distributor cap and points for is near next to impossible. The last ones I saw in Hershey the guy wanted $650. for them. Needless to say they stayed there. I did find a Massey Ferguson 4 cyl. distributor model #Y1 type A that with very little machine work it fits like a glove onto my oil pump shaft.  There is also a late 40s to early 50s Jeep 4 cyl distributor that works. Hope this helps you.

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