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1969 Riviera at Auction


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Tuesday this 69 was just pulled out of a 42 year hibernation in a local garage 2 blocks from my home.

It will be sold 12:00 Saturday Feb. 20th, at Kennys Auction Route 11 north Chambersburg PA. 


 The auctioneer had been listing it as having 1,380 original miles.


Once I was able to open the hood I was able to confirm that it was + 100,000 miles. A May 1973 lube sticker indicated over 50,000 at that time. DSCF8568.thumb.JPG.4088c999df8ec93f7f2003cdfaa2a216.JPG


 It is equipped with a posi rear end. It looked to me if it were washed and scrubbed up it would look great. No tears in the upholstery. No rust bubbles under vinyl top. I saw no body dents or scratches. Bumpers show expected tarnish to be polished out for nice driver effect. But the mechanics are anyones guess since it has not been on the road since 1979. They had to skate it out on the angled driveway since they had not yet found the ignition key. They did find the trunk key. They did find the title. 

 If any one is interested.......


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Hot soapy water and through drying. At least that is how I did it when I detailed cars at an Oldsmobile dealer in 1974. If a fabric upholstery was stained or faded I added a like colored dye to the water. Same with carpets. There are many Steam Cleaner Auto Detailers available now also.

 Much interest at the auction house this afternoon. I still do not think they found the ignition key. They do have the trunk key. We will see what it brings tomorrow.

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 One crazy day at the local auction. I went to the sale for the 1969 Riviera today $4,500 + 10%. 
image.thumb.png.e389638f256b1e6a6392efdee7fcec8e.png  image.thumb.png.942f6c559b47f18bdf5c31c21de9d3f7.png
Not run in 42 years. Peter Rambis said he felt sure the engine was locked up. Also, the 1948 Chevy grain Box truck went for $5,600 + 10%. 
image.thumb.png.52dc8ce39c8b60c69cca916eda8f787b.png   image.thumb.png.8320bf9b5105077cafcd865d78a2db6f.png (Peter was interested in it )Not run in 36 years and engine also appeared to be locked up. Some flats of 1940s-50s truck and tractor literature went for $425 and $450!! Education and entertainment. We felt these brought "Stupid Money" for what condition they were in.
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I was going to the local auctions fairly regularly for a while, but I think that the intoxication of bidding is real.  There were few decent deals to be had on almost anything, so I stopped going.  

Thanks for the report!

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