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what is it? on passenger compartment of 7 pass 1918 fiat

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some kinda brass ring .Has 2 notches on either side as photo shows the one on the left side.This is an american made fiat The holes in floor and back of front seat is for stoaway seats  The top holes in frame ie for glove box doors  There is no wiring to this so i dont think its a light





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Looks like replaced wood to me..........is the car a skiff? It could be anything nautical related......compass, clock, courtesy light.........probably not original to the car. Some of the sill looks period. Sure looks like solid oak.......NOT what one would expect to see.

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im wondering what "skiff" means and it has a clock in the front dash  would it be typical to have one front and back? im gonna search for a wire that could have fed a light but im pretty sure there isnt one  the hole and wire in the one picture is a courtesy light w a jamb swtch

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