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1931 Chevy Coupe Restoration Help

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I am restoring my 1931 5 window Chevy coupe. My family has had it since I was 5 years old and was given to me as a early inheritance. We got in an accident a couple years ago. So looking for a original, new or even some one to build me a deck lid / rumble seat. Also looking for the passenger side rear fender. Do not want fiberglass. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 






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your car has been modified and is not in need of restoration but custom body work/repair. 31-32’ deck lids are getting scarce and many who’ve restored theirs, started with lids in a lot worse shape than yours. Yours is actually in very good shape and easily repaired from how it looks in the pictures. Your fenders have been customized and don’t really resemble a stock 31’ fender. The bottom edges are changed and the tail lights have been recessed into the fenders. This is all custom work, not restoration. A hot rod shop or even a custom motorcycle shop could probably help you out. Even your rear fender is fixable by a good body man. You would need a good body man to duplicate your fender from an original anyway so I’m willing to bet they’d just repair yours. 

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