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HElp..Winfield Carb

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Winfield S and SRs are straight forward carburetors as long as they are good ones and haven't been assembled from mismatched bits and pieces. They are simple carburetors to disassemble/rebuild/assemble and adjust as these  do not have that many pieces.


Here are some good reference materials. Sort through this listing and there are some helpful pieces of literature for S/SR Winfields:






This Ebay seller makes some good reprints of Winfield manuals as well.



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10 hours ago, motoringicons said:

PS- I would not add any Chicklets to your carburetors or fuel system !!!!!

hehehe..Sorry for the misspelling...
The jets are know as chicler overseas....What I need is Idle Jet that will be a lot more practical than the chicklets...:)


10 hours ago, motoringicons said:



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