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I'm new here, and have an interest in IHC Auto Buggies, but not finding too much detail online. We have one, dated 1908, in our museum, which is otherwise only horse drawn vehicles.

The Auto Buggy seems intact but hasn't been started for 20 or 30 yrs. The belt for the oil pump is missing, and leads are off the spark plugs. The intake manifold may not be original, or the carburettor, piping looks like galv. water plumbing to me!

I have watched several YouTube videos of them being driven, and which raises a few questions. The lever by the seat operates the (2 speed?) gearbox, but is has two actions- fwd and back, as well as up and down. Does one act as a clutch? Also what is the button on the floor, which acts on a small crank lever, not connected to anything.

I'd love to see some proper drawings of the machine if anyone can help me out. 

Thanks, Andy (from Australia)





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