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F/S: 1964 IMPERIAL Owner's Manual. Very Good Condition, including the Fuzzy Covers!

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This is an exceptionally nice condition, 1964 IMPERIAL Owner's Manual for the glovebox. This is a good, original manual. As you may know, the covers have a gold imprint on a fuzzy blue, flocked paper. This flocking is very susceptible to rub-off over the years. The blue covers on this manual are exceptionally nice.


No dirty fingerprints inside, and no dog-eared covers. It would be hard to find a cleaner example of this '64 IMPERIAL Owner's manual.


The price is $29, plus $5 shipping.

074 (800x534).jpg

070 (800x517).jpg

077 (800x600).jpg

076 (800x600).jpg

079 (800x600).jpg

080 (800x541).jpg

083 (800x547).jpg

084 (800x600).jpg

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