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Wheel bearing 1923 Hudson Timken #'s 415 & 315

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Looking to buy new front wheel bearings for my Hudson.  I do have the old numbers but can't find them . Did talk to Timken and they don't have any cross reference for them....too old.  Do have the inside bore of the old ones. Does anyone have a source?  The 415 inside bore 37.32 mm or 1.469in. The 315 has an inside bore of 25.12 or .989 in. The large one has a maximum width of 75.73mm or 2.983 in.  The smaller one maximum is 62.65mm or 2.466 of an inch

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I've no idea who you spoke to but both the 415 and the 315 are still listed in the Timken catalog. I can't copy the link because something is wrong with my computer but just do a google search on Timken 415...

If it's still in the catalog chances are there are interchange numbers as well. They should be easy to find.


Like these from ebay...



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I just ordered a Timken rear wheel bearing for my 1917 White. Prices ranged from 875 dollars to 40 dollars for good used on line. Bearings usually are not very expensive.

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