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89 Coupe — 85K miles, still running and looking good

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17 minutes ago, Tallicat said:

That car looks lowered.


Agree. I made a similar observation last summer with three different Reattas sitting side by side, my grandsons '89 with approx. 175k miles, my sons '89 with over 315k and my '90 at 142k. Mine hasn't seen a winter since 1994, but the other two did year around duty. My sons car was clearly and noticeably lower overall, without measuring, and sat very flat. My grandsons is essentially the same as mine overall, but with a bit less tail high rake. Mine was definitely higher overall with a somewhat pronounced tail high rake to it. Measuring the tire to wheel arch clearance showed the high mileage car to be 3/4" lower in front and 1.5" lower at the rear than my car. 

As an aside, I noted years ago in the FSM, that the sibling Riviera has lower overall ride height dimensions than the Reatta, which made me wonder why or how that was done? The Rivieras do have automatic load leveling, so perhaps softer suspension pieces?

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