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F/S: 1946 ATLAS Motor Analyzer Instruction Manual.


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I'm thinking Mr. Earl probably has one of these floor model ATLAS Motor Analyzer machines in his "BUICK CITY" shop. If not, he certainly needs to get one. So, here goes:
This is the Instruction & Tune-Up Manual for the floor model ATLAS Motor Analyzer. The copyright date is 1946. 40 pages. Shows use, but is 100% complete and reasonably clean. The front cover is not securely attached any more, but could easily be taped in place, if you wished.

In addition to illustrated testing hook-up instructions, the manual also includes a section on tune-up training. This covers the operation of the various engine, fuel and ignition components. The price for this vintage ATLAS Motor Analyzer is $25, plus $5 shipping. Thanks for looking. John

029 (712x850).jpg

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035 (638x850).jpg

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