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Return spring for accelerator pump on Rochester 4GC-should there be one?

56 Buick

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Hi all, hoping someone can please let me know whether there is supposed to be a return spring sitting under the accelerator pump on the Rochester 4GC being used on the 56. This is not the spring sitting around the stem of the accelerator pump but a spring that would sit under the pump? Thanks

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Does the particular accel pump unit have a solid shaft or is there a sleeve over a lower shaft, which the upper spring keeps extended?  The two-piece shaft would allow the pump to bottom-out and not restrict throttle linkage movement, at or near WOT.  If the pump bottoms out, then that upper spring would extend the sleeved shaft to its design length as the (direct-acting) throttle linkage moves back toward "idle".  If there is a spring under the accel pump, I suspect it would be short and not very strong.  Plus very possibly having a groove it can sit in and be compressed into.  While not bothering the accel pump as it worked.


Might there be an illustration in the Hometown Buick website?


Just some thoughts,


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