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23rd Annual Metro Petro Collectors Show

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Sure guys. The show went very well. Weather was nice so had plenty of guys set up outside, and the ballroom was filled too. There were vendors from 12 states present, which is great for a small local one day show. Vendor sales were good, a lot of collectors left with some interesting items. The spectators that came were grateful to be able to attend a show, as everything car related was cancelled in 2020 and a lot of 2021 events are gone too. 


I bought a bunch of Buick stuff for my collection. I was going to post some of it in the memorabilia thread.


I will post some photos I have from the show but they are just a sampling of what was offered there. As I was running around getting vendors into their correct spaces, I missed seeing a lot of goodies that were scooped up by the early birds.


Thanks to all the AACA members that came out to support the show. I saw a bunch of AACA jackets from the tristate area regions.

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