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2004-2020 "Classic Car" magazines FREE

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Most of the issues for those years in excellent, as-mailed, fresh condition. "Car Collector" has been published by Hemmings with interesting articles and coverage of all marques. I am happy to mail them to anyone who would enjoy having these magazines for your enjoyment. I will mail them to you at my cost and hope you'll enjoy. Jay, tidalflats2003@yahoo.com

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Jay, that is a generous offer to fellow car fans.


You might want to clarify:  Your headline says

[Hemmings] Classic Car, and your text says

Car Collector.  Both are names of magazines.

Do you mean the first one, or do you have both?

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PLEASE consider to donate them to a local high school or community college auto shop / trade school area.  


We hear so many complaints about 'young people aren't interested in cars', help to introduce them to the hobby (addiction).  

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