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I have 2016-2020 "Buick Bugle"magazine in fresh (as-mailed) condition for whomever would like to enjoy them. I'm glad to mail them to you, at my cost, and let you have fun. Jay Miller, tidalflats2003@yahoo.com 


4 issues of 2016

All of 2017

Most of 2018

All of 2019

All of 2020 


Includes anniversary edition several years ago. 

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Jay, your generosity is amazing to see. I don't know that I've ever seen a guy with Bugle's offer to pay the shipping to enable another hobbyist to enjoy them.


Here's something else to consider: You might see about donating your Buick Bugle's to a local senior center or even a nursing home. That has been done in the past by some of the gang. Again, my hat is off to you, for your kindness. John

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