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1956 Plymouth Plaza 2 Door Club Sedan

Steve Seguin

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Good day, I am offering my 1956 (Canadian built) Plymouth Plaza 2 Door Club sedan for sale. I am the second owner and the car has been in my possession since 1999. It has a 230 cu. in. flat head 6 cylinder engine paired with a 2 speed "push button" automatic transmission. I had the car repainted in 2000 and has been licensed and driven since. Over the years I have added other vehicles to my collection and find the Plymouth seeing less and less daylight. It's time to seek out a potential new owner who can appreciate and care for this very original and complete survivor. I've been asked at car shows why don't I upgrade the power train ("rod it"), however I am a bit of a purest and have left it completely original. It is the bottom of the Plymouth line (bottom of the Chrysler line and bottom of the "big Three") and basically was a throw away car. This one somehow survived time and Canadian winters. It certainly would have more curb appeal if the trim level was upgraded to that of a Savoy or Belvedere with two tone paint, that's for the next owner to decide. I am looking for $9000.00 Canadian and that would include a truck load of spare parts that I have accumulated over the years. If interested or if you need more pictures, you can contact me at steveseguin@bell.net. Thanks for looking. Steve







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