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Whats your valve cover sealing method?

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So, I always had valve covers leak within a couple years.

Aside form gopping up with two tons of sealant, whats your best method?


Sealant on both sides of gaskets or one?

Cork, rubber, fibrous gaskets?

What type of sealant?

Torque value?









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Hi Mr. Paul -

FelPro rubber gaskets and a silicone sealant on the valve cover side. Make sure the bolt hole surfaces are flat, and don't over torque the bolts !

Cork gaskets on the 430 always managed to weep, after time at the rear of the valve covers and oil ran down both sides of the engine.

By only sealing the valve cover side, the covers can be removed, if need be, without damaging the gaskets !

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You might check to see that someone in the past hasn't over tightened the hold down bolts.  If they did, they could have dimpled the hole.  If they have been dimpled, find a piece of flat iron to use as a backer and tap the holes flat again. The covers won't seal if the holes are not flat.

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I always spend a lot of time insuring the surfaces are straight, flat, smooth. As Ed said they (metal covers) are always deformed around the bolt holes. I use a 1/4" drive ratchet when tightening which helps avoid over tightening. No torque wrench as I personally am more comfortable going by feel on these. You can almost feel when the metal is about to start deforming. Insure both surfaces are clean and free of old gasket or sealer remnants. I prefer the cork-rubber composition. I smear a very thin film of black RTV gasket maker on both sides of gasket with finger. Thin enough that it won't noticeably squeeze out. Leave sit for a day before starting.

Felpro is certainly a well known reliable gasket but given an option, I've always choose Victor Reinz. Just seems to be a little more attention to detail in design. Of course it could be just a perception.....sort of like who makes the best pizza. 😏   

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