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Reynolds Buick '65 Gran Sport Tribute Car - For Sale


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Yes, I have an unrestored console. The original race car did not have a console. Pete said that at the track they

were forever making modifications and didn't want any clutter when doing change outs.

Yes, its a posi tag on the rear end. Gear ratio is 3.73. 

Jim Bell told me that all the experimenting with transmissions proved that the best choice was the SP300 with

mods back then. Said the added gear change in the 400 cost them in E.T.s..


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In June 2010 I contacted Steve Adams up in Oregon. Steve had purchased the old Bill Casler steam heat molds for Casler cheater slicks from the '60's.

He made us up a pair of slicks to the specs on the Reynolds GS. Great people up there at Adams Tire. 

Steve-Adams-extracting-racing-slicks (1).jpg

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