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1935 Dodge sedan for sale or trade! - $15,000 (Ramona)


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Sometimes people do very weird things when it comes to color choices.

Years ago I was a realtor here in the desert when my broker calls one day to say we just booked a "tough one to sell" and would I go look at it.

Nice house in a nice neighborhood but the guy's favorite color was BLUE.  Now I like blue on cars and any number of other things but when you think about it, you just don't see too many houses painted blue.  At first the 3 tone blue exterior put me off but I figured it's only paint, it can be changed, but the blue tile on the roof could get expensive.  Until I got inside... BLUE tiled floors or carpet in every room, all interior walls one shade of blue or another, both bathroom's fixtures were all blue, tubs, sinks & toilets as were the counter tops and cabinets.  Same in the kitchen, blue linoleum, Formica counters, cabinets and the sink.  Only concession was the stove, fridge and dishwasher were white.  Paint could correct the walls but all the hard parts meant an EXPENSIVE renovation for any buyer.  Real estate was booming then and that poor house was on the market forever.  The seller just could not relate to the idea that his vision was a gaudy nightmare to most.  

Maybe his brother has a RED house and owns this Dodge? :lol:

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