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For Sale:1937 Packard Super Eight Coupe-Roadster ...partial restored

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On December 18 my long time friend, Paul TerHorst passed away. I am sure that many readers have known him or at least crossed paths with Paul at Hershey, Chickasaw or other meets.
The family as asked me to help publicize the availability of his unfinished Packard.
Some of you may have seen the car at Opus II in Warren, Ohio back in 2009.
Here is the information I have been provided.
My understanding is that the car in located North of Chicago.

1937 Packard Super Eight 1501 Convertible Coupe Roadster
Senior Packard, 8 cylinder, 320 engine
Convertible with rumble seat
Vehicle # 1019-251 / 134” wheelbase
Motor serial # 398-353
Speedometer reading: 29,522
Mechanical work is done, car runs
Regal Blue color, body is painted, DQE/DAL numbers available in file

Needs installation of hood, fenders, and rumble seat lid, and misc. parts; parts are primed
Same owner for 55 years
Extensive car history file
Price: $ 70,000.

Current state: (garage picture)

For more info please contact: terhorst.storage@gmail.com


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A 37 Super Eight Convertible Coupe is a desirable car.  37 seems to be THE year for the later Packards.   I'm assuming because of the juice brakes but 35/36 styling.



Unfinished projects are a very hard sell for lots of obvious reasons.   Would love to know what it ends up going for.   As a plus I like a color a lot.

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So, I know very little about the 320 engine used in the 37-39 Super Eight.   Before 37 you got the 9 Main 385 and after 39 you got another version of the 9 main 385,  but for some reason Packard went with the 320 in 37,38 and 39.

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31 minutes ago, 37PackardMan said:

Actually, the 37-39   Super Eight is virtually the same 320 engine that was the Standard Eight of the earlier years.  It is a 9 main bearing engine.

Was there a standard eight in 1936?  Or was the 120 the next offering down the ladder?

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Yes, there was a Standard Eight in '35-36 which were considered Seniors and on the same design as the Twelve. They had the same body shell, instrument cluster, etc as the Super Eights and Twelves.

In 1935 Packard delved into the lower price point to try to hang onto market share by bringing out the 120.

Then in 1937 they brought out the SIX.  The 120 and the Six are considered the Junior line.


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Not sure.  The fist post says 55 year ownership - 1966. The article says 1966 is when he purchased the Patton Packard so I assume it is the car referenced in the Chicago Tribune article.  I don’t have any more info than that.  


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