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Metz carburetor for sale

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Metz owners I have a nice Metz carburetor I’m selling for $300 plus actual shipping. The carburetor appears to have been reconditioned but I’m not sure so don’t count on it. Attached are some pictures. I bought this carburetor thinking it was a prototype of a Holley H1 until the previous owner called and said he found the emblem for it. This is an aluminium body in good condition for its age. I know how hard it was to find a good H1 for my 1912 model T hopefully someone in the Metz club is missing this piece. I’ve been into the model t’s for 40 years and this is the first time I’ve seen this type carburetor.

email me jtanne7316@aol.com





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Metz purchased the Waltham Clock Tool Company so they could make their own carburetors. Previously, they used the Holley model which is a similar design. The aluminum bodies make them tricky to restore.



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