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35 buick,clock or not


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My clock dosent work on my Buick but someday I might get it repaired. So for now I bought a nice looking delete plate with the Buick logo to fill the hole where the clock goes. I'm not sure which looks better.Is it better to have a non working clock or a nice delete plate?

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Sounds like a matter of taste to me.   Is the original clock a manually wound 8-day mechanical clock or is it an electrically wound clock?  The method of setting the hands or lack of a way to wind it would indicate electrically wound.  If it is electrically wound does it have power and a good ground circuit?  Sometimes the electric clocks will surprise you by beginning to run if defects in the power and ground circuits are corrected.  Who made it?  Does it have wires coming out of the case of it?  That would be another indication it is electric.  If it is a manually wound clock and not rusted to death a clockmaker or a good instrument repair shop like Bob's Speedometer may be the remedy. 


I'm restoring a 1931 Buick 8-86S coupe and I'm a clock nut as well so I decided since my car was never sold with a clock I would add a Waltham 8-day clock to the passenger side windshield regulator board.

CC 001.jpg


CC 003.jpg

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I have a windup Westclock but don't know anything about it and was hoping you might shed some light on it.  Do you know if this clock was installed from the factory in early Buicks? I have a 1925 Buick roadster and was wondering if this would be period correct. I also have what I think is a mount for a clock but doesn’t fit the Westclock. Sorry the photos are turned 90 deg. Don’t know why my phone does that.









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