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Very nice car. I like the two tone and the colors that you chose.


That looks like a 1940 grille and 1939 headlights. Do you have halogens to see better at night?

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Hi Dave, sure is a nice car, what color is  the engine bay?  Would you like to show us some pics of  your other beautiful  39  LZ  [ convertible]  build and tell us  about the chassis and  running gear?  Cheers Roy. 

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Hi Roy, the engine bay is the same color as the lower outer car body. I picked the colors from a fleet color book at NAPA. They don't have a name, just a number. The other car is a 38 convertible, you may not like the fact that it doesn't have the V12. I found the car with no engine. I made a completely new chassis for it and did a little customizing to the body. These are before and after pics.

38 lincoln zephyr 001.jpg

summer 017.jpg

38 lincoln 007.jpg

38 lincoln 006.jpg

cobble beach cars and coffee 2019.jpg

top down 38 zephyr.jpg

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WOW!  Love the  custom " Coupe"  Well done , very clever and talented, It certainly has a " Presence" and an  Aura,  especially the ground level side view.  Thanks Dave.
PS. as you are probably aware I have owned a  factory stock standard 38 LZ convertible for just on 26 years. Mines an early Shortop model, no back seat.  {Click on  side pic to view larger picture if desired. } Cheers. 

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