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1927 CHRYSLER 60-2 ROADSTER - $20,000 (Northridge)

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Beautiful 1927 Chrysler roadster for sale! Convertible, original condition. Never been restored. No rust.
We repaired it, so it runs and it is mechanically sound! Replaced spark plugs and wires; tuned up engine and gave it an oil change; repaired brakes as well. Nice Green color with ragtop. Metal and cover for the rag top are there but the rag top fabric is gone. Has a rumble seat. 6 cylinder motor. Original wood rims! Has always lived in the Southern Califronia area.
Back seat is leather. Front seat is vinyl. 6 volt electrical system. The lights work. The dashboard gauges are there but they don't work. Includes spare tire as shown in pictures. We have the hand crank plus other tools for the tires, etc.
Has the radiator ornament, 2 foot stands and nice Chrysler logo. Please call Sally (888) 845-0302 if you are interested. Great collector's vehicle! Needs someone to love it!

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The correct FEDCO number is LC188R not C188R and it is a Chrysler model 62 roadster the same as my one.

 I would love to get some pictures of the floor structure under the front seat and also some more pictures of the side pockets in the rumble area, as seen in the attached picture, but I cant send a message to the owner from Zimbabwe.

 I assume there must be some sort of storage facility behind the flap, on the right side of the rumble that is shown in the below picture, perhaps to store the side curtains or tools? If anyone is able to provide these photo's or more info I would be grateful. Thanks.



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