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For Sale: 1961 Dodge Polara 2-Door -"Rare project car from estate"- Somerset, MA - Not Mine - 2/12 SOLD!

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For sale on Facebook: 1961 Dodge Polara 2-Door Hardtop in Somerset, MA  -  $7,000 - Must be a member of Facebook to access Seller's contact information.


Link: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/524007861918741/1961-Dodge-Polara


Seller's Description:

1961 Dodge Polara 2-Door Hardtop

  • Driven 100,000 miles
  • Automatic transmission
  • Exterior color: Pink

‼️I WILL ONLY ANSWER THROUGH MESSANGER‼️  This car was sitting in a garage for about 25-30 years. It is a 1961 8 cyl., polara 500. Lancer Gt. 2 door hard top. The actual Mileage is unknown. The engine is believed to be a 383 cui. It was from the Jefferson assembly plant in Detroit MI. This is a very rare car. There is no title, this car was bought through a estate sale, you would have to apply for new title. We have no clue if this car can run or not. This does have power steering. Rust as expected for this old of a car and just sitting in a abandoned garage for 50 years, having said that the car seems to be very solid. The car comes as shown. This car renovated is close to or more than 70-90 grand. Feel free to message me for any additional questions. Shoot me your best offer asap!



























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One of the better early-60's Mopar designs.

Ad reads like a script from one of those ghost-finder realty shows. Maybe, could be, etc.

Not sure it's worth restoring, and if a restored car is actually worth what is claimed, a good way to flush $10K's down the toidy.

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Cool looking car but incomplete and in poor condition, no title, broken windshield, deteriorated interior and it says "rust as expected for this old of a car" (buyer should check the frame & floors). This car may be too far gone to restore and might be a parts car at best. It's not a Polara 500 or a Lancer GT either. Do these really sell for 70-90 grand when renovated?

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Very attractive style IMO, but really an up hill climb. I would check parts availability for this car before anything else. I'm sure the Sheetmetal is one year only. Sure would be an cool car when restored.  

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If all that external stainless trim is missing it might be a big problem, especially finding intact vintage 2-door hardtop pieces. And then you need to come up with mounting clips, sometimes you can make universal flat ones work but could require some oddball special shaped ones that might be unobtanium, necessary for proper attachment and a professional looking restoration. 

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22 hours ago, plymouthcranbrook said:

But are they getting it?


No, that's why they still have em.

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  • 6T-FinSeeker changed the title to For Sale: 1961 Dodge Polara 2-Door -"Rare project car from estate"- Somerset, MA - Not Mine - 2/12 SOLD!

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