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Centerlink 66 riviera

Riviera 66

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Hi. Anyone who has a 66 riviera centerlink they would sell me (norway) ? I can send my old one to Rare parts for refurbish but it will be very expensive and time consuming with shipping both ways as I would like to use the car this spring. 



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You can disassemble yours and possibly find you can fix it yourself. Use a die grinder to remove the tack weld on the caps on the back side of the swivel joint. A light press on the joint will push them out. Then check the actual wear points. I did a '62 Electra and found that the looseness was due to the plastic (Nylon) sleeves around the shaft. I think I used some 3/4" nylon sleeves to repair it. The rest looked fine.

To reassemble I fitted the rear caps and lightly spot welded in the same location.


I have not had the chance to do another one, but if I found excessive wear I would match up some tie rod ends or the like and disassemble them for parts. I have also thought about adapting some Jaguar XJ6  ball joint parts or something similar.

Image result for jaguar xj6 ball joint repair kit


Being in the US helps because of the available cheap parts to experiment with, but when I did my own I knew others were rebuilding them so if they could, I could.


I just hope you don't end up taking it to a Swedish machine shop, you know how they will tease a Norwegian.

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Hi Thomas

I have one including both tie rods but the joint for pitman arm coming off steering box is a little loose. The rest of it seems to be OK at least as well as can be checked off the car.

Let me know if interested and we can talk via PM

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