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1939 or 1940 Studebaker parts wanted

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Do you need them for Champions?

1939 and1940 Comm/Pres. use different tail lights.

When the weather warms up I will look if I still have any left.

I know I have rims and lenses for both Champions and the big cars.

I have not been to my warehouse for over a month due to the extreme cold and I just spend 5 days

in the hospital. I am waiting for a nice 60 degree day

Man I am getting old!


Robert Kapteyn

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I have the tail lights. You did not state right or left, they are different. As for the moulding below the door are you referring to the rocker panel ribbed stainless moulding or the door sill plates. If the former the length is the same for all three body styles. 

business card my 39.jpg

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Posted (edited)

I apologize to everyone that responded, I did not realize that the posting does not send a notification that I have a response, now I know better, as a new member posting I will keep coming back to see if anyone has responded.   No I have no found any of these items as of yet and still looking. 


To Robert Kapteyn RBK... My 39 Studebaker is a Champion Coupe and yes the taillights are different from the President And Commander... I do not need the Bezels or the glass only the RIGHT fender tail light housing.  My coupe only had the left and i want two tail lights on my Coupe.    


To Richard Quinn Studequ... Don't need the 39 Sills I need the ribbed stainless moldings below the door on the outside on the body.  Again do not need the tail lights for the 39 only need the housing on the right fender.    The 37 President, I need the tail light Bezels and the front headlight rims as well.  Temp gauge.   I will give you a call tomorrow Richard.  


GW-3 1273... What do you have in car parts, anything that i have mentioned.   


Please if you or anyone you might know has 1939 Champion and a 1937 president that might have parts please call me at 541 234 6440 or my direct email at docwiese7@yahoo.com 

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15 hours ago, docwiese said:

GW-3 1273... What do you have in car parts, anything that i have mentioned.   

I have many car parts including everything Champion you mentioned. Do you have anything to trade like services or parts. Can you show us a picture of your car?

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Hello GW, just got on here to see your reply.  So you have for both 37 and 39 the parts I posted?   When you ask me trade like services, what do you mean exactly?  Parts as in extra Studebaker parts?  Or parts in general?   Are those part i listed that you say you have can I call you?   Please give me your phone number so we can talk?  Or again you can call me at 541 234 6440 or my cell 541 414 5190 

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