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This car looks like an American Underslung. The fenders are as tall as the radiator and the wheels look tall. It even has some of the bracing in front of the radiator like an underslung but it is not. What is it?



This is another of Ed Minnie's photos.

More information: This is a picture of cars in the 1909 Harrisburg Endurance Run. Coldenstroths was a hotel/restuarant in Washington DC. I may have identified this car from another picture. I believe it is a 1909 Oldsmobile. I believe this is the same car.


Image result for 1909 Harrisburg Endurance Run

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1908 Oldsmobile Limited prototype. The backseat is a little different. The door is lower than the body. The above picture may be a Pony or Toy Tonneau (sp)

Image result for 1908 oldsmobile limited prototype

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It is definitely not an American Underslung.  The AU had the frame below the springs and axles and this car clearly has the frame above both.  I think it is an Oldsmobile based on the radiator and the unique hubcaps.

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