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For Sale: 1961 Rambler Ambassador sedan - $6,000 - Newport, WA - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1961 Rambler Ambassador sedan - $6,000 - Newport, WA

61 Rambler Ambassador - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org)

1961 Rambler Ambassador. Cool old cruiser. Less than 900 produced in 1961. At, ps, 18" custom wheels, nice stereo. Bodywork done, new satin blue paint, with tri coat white roof. Custom interior. Runs and drives great! If you want a "dare to be different cruiser" this is the car! $6,000 obo.  odometer: 77000

Contact: (509)-6-7-one-two-4-7-zero. Randy
Copy and paste in your email:  9dede11bc01a3482b4b76596653a6115@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1961 Rambler Ambassador sedan. 

Note: The Standard Catalogue of Independents, edited by Ron Kowalke, list production for 1961 Ambassador sedans as follows

Deluxe: 273

Super: 3,299

Custom: 9,269

Custom 400: 831

'61 Rambler Ambassador WA a.jpg

'61 Rambler Ambassador WA b.jpg

'61 Rambler Ambassador WA c.jpg

'61 Rambler Ambassador WA d.jpg

'61 Rambler Ambassador WA e.jpg

'61 Rambler Ambassador WA f.jpg

'61 Rambler Ambassador WA g.jpg

'61 Rambler Ambassador WA h.jpg

'61 Rambler Ambassador WA i.jpg

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3 hours ago, plymouthcranbrook said:

I want it!  Had a low mileage one in white with a 327 back in the mid 70's that I foolishly let go.(story to long and sad to go into). Still miss it. Sight... Lost youth.  Despite the correction on production I can say that not many seem to have survived.  Rarely see any for sale. A guy in the AMC section had advertised for one some years' go and I don't know if he ever found one.  And yes, I know it has been somewhat butchered. I still want it.

Who in their right mind would put such wheels on such car ? 18 Inch wheels ??To crazy.

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If one is pursuing a '61 Ambassador, he had better act on this car.   As mentioned, the survival rate on these is very low, they rarely turn up in any condition for sale.  This car is from a relatively dry area where cars appear to keep better from the bad affects usually plaguing old cars.  Whatever modification have been done are easily reversed.

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9 hours ago, daniel boeve said:

Who in their right mind would put such wheels on such car ? 18 Inch wheels ??To crazy.

The same knucklehead that uses $7.99 Harbor Fright moving blankets to cover his seats & padded dash with and calls it a Custom interior. Non-authentic repaint, wrong wheels with bald tires, incorrect air cleaner, no battery hold-down, exhaust that exits in front of the rear wheels, an upper radiator hose that is spliced together, torn windlace, dirty interior etc. aren't giving me good vibes about the person (who also misstated the production figures) that's selling or representing the car. Pause for a second and start adding up what it will cost to correct the obvious deficiencies here. PASS. There here has to be a better one out there. Just my 2 cents. 

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