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Mystery Series 75 items - expanded quest

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When my buddy bought a 1929 Chrysler Series 75 DCP it came very disassembled and parts were scattered in boxes without much labeling. We have succeeded in identifying most stuff plus a few items that are not Series 75. However this part is puzzling. It looks period, but neither of us can identify its use. Anyone able to chime in?




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From the pictures I can't see if it has extra small holes.   It looks to me like a mount for the front brake hoses.  You can almost picture  a flat copper washer on each side of the large hole. Extra holes would rule this out.   I have seen this before on my 28,29 or 33 Plymouth.   The end of the front brake hose has a banjo end and bolts to the fitting with a flat copper washer on each  side.  A hollow bolt hold everything together and allows the brake fluid to pass.  The banjo end of the brake hose also a set of fingers which plug the fitting small holes  which keeps the hose from rotating by the force of the front wheels turning and pulling on the hose.

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Seems the first item drew a blank and is likely no genuine Chrysler item.


How about this one? It is removed from a RHD Series 75 Sedan and I sort of remember it being secured to the center of front axle and steering  to (likely) act as a steering damper. None of the other Series 75s I have seen had anything like it, so possibly it is an aftermarket item. Can anyone identify it?



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