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Reatta Subwoofer install ?


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I’m about to buy an 1989 Buick reatta... needs brake likes and power steering, but other than a couple hours of wrenching, seems real promising 


my plan is to install a set of subwoofers to make midnight drives more vibrant


I absolutely fear unplugging or even attempting to take out the stock radio. Life without heat in MI is suicide


I know how to wire an amp up to the existing speakers w/ line out converter.  looking for advice, knowledge, experience on the subject when it comes to these cars. I want a clean install and to not fuck anything up


anybody install a system in their 88/89 reatta? Pics?

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Still looking to upgrade or improve your Reatta radio?


  I have owned two '89 Reattas and I still have one. When I finally move on to something newer I will miss the sound system. 

The radio / sound system puts out excellent sound quality even at high volumes. It does however have a couple weaknesses.

The speakers will eventually buzz and blow out if you play it loud like I sometimes do. I have replaced my two door speakers and two

rear speakers with quality replacements of the same size and they sound great with enough bass for me.

  The other issue is the capacitors in the radio. They break down after about ten or more years and you begin to hear some static or

crackling. Rebuilt units are available and can be tracked down for a reasonable price. I have a unit on my bench waiting for a rebuild.

  The touch screen interface was and still is a marvelous piece of engineering with the graphic equalizer and the balance controls for

the radio as well as everything else. In case you didn't know it has onboard diagnostics and can display and clear fault codes and engine


   The radio is located in the center console to the rear of the gear shift  beneath the ashtray. The only thing I have added is a small MP3

player that broadcasts on an FM frequency and plays on the radio. Sounds great. You'll find the bass is pretty good with fresh speakers

and  medium volume but if you want more you could put a boost amp in the trunk to blast your eardrums and blur your vision. 

  Its a great car. Yup. Smooth is a Buick. 


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