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Well its coming all together now


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After months of work, the dash is back in the car and the radio, vacuum antenna, hydraulic windows, windshield wipers, tun signals, defrost system, radiators, heater cores, clock, horn and dash gauges are all in working order.  I pick my rebuilt transmission this coming Wednesday!!!! 


The feelings of accomplishment are terrefic!




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Glad to hear it John. Is your garage warm enough to work out there in this cold spell?


I had my garage heater on all day and night and it just got the garage up to 35 degrees.  I was concerned about my antifreeze protection in the Mercury, because I did not remember when I changed it.  I usually take care of it every other spring, but with the car being in the body shop last spring, I wasn't sure if that was the time to change it. My antifreeze tester for Sierra antifreeze arrived this morning so I was able to check the freeze level. I keep better records on the Lincoln, so I know that it is good until spring.

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   Yes Tom, it does stay warm, but I’m sure I will pay dearly for the heat when the gas bill comes!   Of course, my heater is ceiling hung so when you get down to the floor, the temperature drops significantly.  I decided to change the master cylinder and its pretty cold 1’ off the floor;


    Take care Tom, stay healthy.

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On 2/11/2021 at 11:42 AM, abelincoln said:

Looks wonderful John!  Did you get the brightwork re-chromed or were you lucky to have a good set?


Abe, I was fortunate as my dash chrome just needed lots of polishing and red painting detail.  And that fine with me as I throughly relish the concept of detailing.

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