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Paige engine wanted

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I have a Paige 1927. But for many years ago, the engine was replaced with another brand. Therefore I am interested in a complete engine for this car. It must be with carburator, starter etc.

Do anybody know where to find a 6 cylinder, original engine for this car


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Missed this earlier...

Per a 1930 catalog Paige

6-65 1926-27 used their own Paige/Jewett engine...

6-45 1927 used a Cont'l "L"of 27/8 bore (there were a number of 27/8 bore 6 cyl "L's:, nine listed in a 1936 catalog---there were also 23/4 bore 6 cyl  "L"s)...

I have nothing that details the differences between the various 27/8 "L"s...


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11 hours ago, Kristian Sigaard said:


I have been informed that my car original had a Continental 19 L engine. 6 cylinder, 45 HP. So now i am looking for such complete engine


Hello Kristian

Here is a list of cars powered by the Continental 19L six cylinder engines:

Jewett 6-45 1927

Paige 6-45 1927-'28


Don't despair of finding a Continental engine of the correct size.   Continental built other model six cylinder engines with the same 2.875 X 4.75 bore and stroke during the same years but assigned different model designations to wit 14L, 15L, 19L, 26L, 28L, 37L. 

Here is a list of the cars using those engines:

Auburn 66 & 66A 1927-'28  28L

Davis 94 1927 28L

Durant D-65 1928  15L

Durant 60,63,65,66 1929-'30 15L

Moon 6-60 1927-'29  26L

Moon 6-62  1928-'29  26L

Windsor 6-69 1929-'30  37L

The Auburn and Durant would be the higher production carmakers using the basic engine.   Checking a Hollander Interchange Manual for that period should yield results (sorry, I haven't a Hollander to check for you but someone here may).  Good luck with your search, let us know how it works out.

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My apologies for late reply...

Yes, it's quite possible your car came with a 19L----Cont'l was quite good, with series engines that were similar,  at furnishing a similar engine if there were production glitches or they had a surplus of a similar type they'd provide a little  cheaper....that said:

My older Std Cat US Cars (there are later, more complete editions) lists Paige 1927 6Cyl models as

5-45 43hP, 6-65 64HP and 6-75 68HP

My period catalogs are weak on Paige, but seem to agree the 6-45 had a Cont'l "L" 27/8 bore...

A 1930 wrist pin catalog lists a 6-40 for 26-27 (not in Std Cat) with a Cont'l 20L 23/4 bore AND a 6-45 for 1927 with a Cont'l 28L of 27/8 bore

Your car could have an ID tag somewhere giving your model...often on firewall or in door jamb, under the dash on the side lick plates, under the front seat, ad nauseum...and you need to contact other owners through th the club (if not already a member)...both for model ID and to see what ngine;s in similar models...

Just out of cu7riosity, what's in it now??          With sympathy, BUd


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We have a 1927 engine & trans. coming up for sale on auction.  Its a bit rough and will need rebuilding/refurbishment.  My dad took it out of a car that he parted out years ago.  I think its a 6-45 but will have to get the number off it.


BTW we also have a 1927 Paige 6-45 Coupe that is partially restored - hence the parts car.

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1 hour ago, Bud Tierney said:

My set refuses to blow up your pic, but I think it says 19L...many thxx!!

Yes, sir. You probably won’t even have to put on your reading spec’s for this.    -    Carl 






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