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Autographed Kaiser-Darrin KF-161 Advertisement

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Two items.


First one looks like a preview advertisement brochure for Kaiser-Darrin KF-161.

Printed on both sides and has what looks like Darrin's actual signature on it.

Came from Probert Motors in Larkspur Colorado.


Second item looks like an advertising postcard for the Kaiser-Darrin 161.

Printed only on one side.


Found them in my Father's stuff when he passed away.

He never owned one - but I'm sure he wanted to.


I have no idea what, or if, these are worth anything.

Mostly hoping to reunite them with someone who owns a Darrin.

1953 KF-161 Preview Front.jpg

1953 KF-161 Preview Back.jpg

Darrin Signature.jpg

Probert Motors Larkspur CO.jpg

Kaiser Darrin 161 Ad.jpg

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