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Ring and Pinion

Ron Lawson

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Hi Ron,


I would suggest you send an email to John Forster, editor of the Buick pre-war magazine, he can send a world wide email through his address. He can be contacted through the Buick Club of Queensland. Alternately, you might contact Phil Green in Sydney. He seems to have quite a range of NOS ring and pinion gears for early Buicks. He seems to advertise on Ebay.com.au.




Paul White

Secretary, Buick Club of NSW

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There,s a 1927 Master crown wheel and pinion on Gumtree.  Location Sydney.  Add says for a 128" wheel base. 26 and 27 were pretty much the same.  Not sure if the ratio,s for the 120" and 128"  were the same.   Was thinking of getting it for my 25,  but already have a spare off a 24 Master.

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