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1937 Dictator Fuel Sending unit

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Hi guys,


My sending unit is corroded and someone coated the cork with a gas tank sealer.  In any event, I'd like to find a NOS or correct replacement.  I found a similar sending unit from a 37 Plymouth.  Does anyone have a NOS or decent fuel sending unit or has anyone rebuilt one?  I'm tempted to drill out the rivets and clean and rebuild it.  



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Be sure to seal your new cork. Gas tank sealer is a reasonable option. If you don't seal the cork it will work for a month or 2 and then sink. I know this from experience. There are probably other things you could use (super glue maybe?). I bought pre-sealed corks from Bob's Automobilia. I have no idea whether they would fit a Studebaker. I have rebuilt 1930s GM units but not Studebaker. If I were in your predicament, I would definitely have a go at rebuilding it.

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 My sending unit in my 1938 was bad and thanks to the 0-90 ohm range that Steve provided I went to Summit (which has a warehouse only a few miles from me) and got a sending unit Summits part number is TNK-TAN-GML


HERE IS LINK to Tanks website with some great information on the sending unit -
As I recall you have to cut bracket to fit in the Studebaker tank as it is a universal unit that will work in tanks from 6 to 24 inches deep.  If my memory is correct you also have to reverse the action of the float as the Studebaker reads full at O ohms and empty at 90.



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