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Help Please.........'41 Champion/Commander/President Fuel Tank Sender


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Hi folks, I have a NOS 513163 tank sender for the '41 Champion/Commander/Presidents. Two questions I has hoping you could help me with:

1) What is the output ohm range, empty to full, on this sender?

2) How to check the ohm range - I've never had a sender that had two terminals. Any tips or guidance? 

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!




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I went back through my notes and could not find the ohm range.  I sure wish I had measured that!  I am pretty sure the gauge is just measuring the resistance between the two terminals.  The gauge has two terminals marked 1 and 2 and those are connected directly to terminal 1 and 2 on the sender.   In the factory harness the 1 wire was black/red and the 2 wire was black.  Both were 16ga wires.  The base plate should be grounded as well.  At the factory they just assumed it would ground though the fuel tank but if you are painting everything you should run a separate ground wire to one of the bolts holding the sender in. 

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1937 used a 90 - 0 ohm sending unit.  I believe 1938 is the same.

I tried to start a thread where those who know can post the ohms of various years of Studebakers - it didn't get responses.

You can check the sending unit ohms at the gauge with the wires disconnected using a multimeter to get some idea of where the range is.   Checking at different fuel levels would be a good indicator.

If your gauge is out of the tank and the one pictured just use a multimeter and move the float by hand from empty to full checking both terminals and you will find out what you need to know.

Just set the meter to read ohms.

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