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Recently Purchased 1912 Model 22 Metz, project

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Hello, Matt here from Scranton PA. I recently purchased a 1912 Model 22 Metz Project and I will likely be hunting parts soon. It will be joining my garage with a few 1920s Franklins and a few later cars from the 50s and 60s. Its an ambitious project but at 25 years old I might be the youngest current Metz owner! I don't have the car home yet but I will post pictures when I can. Did the 1912 Metz 22s have a cooling fan and pulley in the front? I have seen lots of cars photographed without them. Also, is there any significance to the control lever for the friction drive being mounted in the center of the car vs. to the left of the driver? I have seen both configurations. Looking forward to connecting with some fellow Metz owners. 


 Some things I know I will be hunting are as follows: 



Headlight and taillight stanchions 

Proper oval gas tank 

Rear seat/body 


Proper Carburetor 

Hub caps 


Top bows and brackets 

Steering arm 

Chain guards 

Belly pan 

Fan blade and pulley 

I am interested in any other misc. parts that would fit a 1912 model 22 






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Hi Matt,


              Welcome to the Metz Family. We are looking forward to you receiving your car and hope that you will share with us pictures of it as delivered to you, and, also share additional pictures of your progress during the restoration of your Model 22.


                                             I will offer answers to your questions.


            Regarding the fan:  The Model 22 DID NOT have a belt driven fan as built from the factory. They have been added, over the years, by previous owners. The flywheel has "fan shaped" spokes which draw air through the radiator and across the engine to cool it. A critical and integral component of the cooling system is the sheet metal engine cover which is attached to the chassis frame under the engine. It must be in place for the flywheel to properly draw air through the engine bay. The car will run hot without it. The cars with an added fan almost always are missing that cover.


          Regarding the Speed Selection Lever:  When Metz introduced the Model 22 in 1912, the lever was mounted OUTSIDE of the body on the driver's side. It was moved to the center with the 1913 Model Year and, thereafter,  Metz referred to it as "Center Control" in their advertising. 


         As you get your car sorted and have the opportunity to drive it, you will find that the favorable power to weight ratio gives the Metz peppy performance. It is no hot rod though and it is most happy at speeds from 30 to 40, maybe 42, miles per hour. 


Good Luck with your project.


Bill Harper

Keene, New Hampshire          

Metz-22-1912 (1).jpg

s-l1600 (7).jpg



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Bill I to am new to Metz family 

Matt and I been in contact although Matt's car will need more attention

Mines missing the bottom pan but I be fabbing something if there no drawings

Bob Sparks Nv


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